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Mobile Sludge Dewatering & Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Services
Palmetto Water Solutions, LLC is a full service water/wastewater treatment and solids handling company. We develop and provide turnkey solutions based on process engineering and each of our clients’ site specific needs. Our solutions include capital equipment design and build, temporary treatment systems and contract operations. Contact Palmetto Water Solutions today and let our products and solutions take your company to the next level of water/wastewater management.

What We Do

Mobile Sludge Dewatering
Turnkey Wastewater Treatment
Capital Equipment Sales
Equipment Rental


100 cuft3 Mobile Filter Press | Refurbished $290,000.00


Industries We Service

Palmetto Water Solutions provides services & equipment to the following industries:

  • Fly Ash & Gypsum

    Fly Ash & Gypsum Description

  • Oil & Gas Drilling

    Oil & Gas Drilling Description

  • Industrial Wash Facilities

    Industrial Wash Description

  • Paint Waste

    Paint Waste Industry Description

  • Oil/Grease Separation & Treatment

    Oil/Grease Separation Description

  • Pulp & Paper

    Pulp & Paper Description

  • Refineries

    Oil Reninery Industry Description

  • Electro-plating

    Electro-Plating Description

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment Description

  • Textiles

    Textile Industry Description

  • Chemical Processing

    Chemical Processing Description

  • Food Processing

    Food Processing Description